Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRMs

Posted on March 11th, 2021

The commercial real estate market is highly competitive, just like any other industry. Hence, maintaining clients is one of the biggest concerns of most business owners. Customer relationship management systems enable CRE companies to keep a track of all their customer’s activities. CRM technology allows them to follow their leads through the sales cycle and engage customers with ongoing communications. To evaluate commercial real estate CRMs, we looked at prices, features, usability, reporting, support, and app integrations to arrive at the six top options and best overall.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is a highly customizable CRM with robust features. Its unique at-a-glance layout allows teams to address tasks quickly and move things through the pipeline toward a sale without extra clicks or steps. Freshworks CRM delivers customized lead tracking with time-saving email campaigns, a built-in phone app, and advanced reporting at an affordable cost.


Salesforce is a widely recognized CRM option. Its customer-relationship expertise helps make it the most effective commercial real estate CRM on the market. The CRM is a flexible, adaptable, intuitive, and completely cloud-based tool. Built on the award-winning Salesforce CRM platform, agents and firms can collect, analyze, and retrieve nearly limitless amounts of data in real-time and at the touch of a button. Additionally, Salesforce CRM solutions are designed mobile-first, which means that users can enjoy full access to the entire catalog of CRM capabilities, regardless of what kind of device they may be using.


Copper is an easy-to-use CRM for small- and medium-sized businesses that need a better way to manage leads & grow customer relationships. If you don't have time for data entry, tedious admin tasks, or overly complex tools, Copper just might be for you. The tool is integrated with Gmail and other Google Apps, meaning it can log all your emails and other interactions to the right contact. You can also see information from all your email threads, past interactions, and tasks, all in one place. Copper even reminds you to reach out to contacts and follow up on deals.


Propertybase is a more expensive option for larger commercial real estate companies that want the convenience of an all-in-one marketing, CRM, and IDX website portal that enhances lead generation. As a turnkey commercial real estate CRM software, Propertybase ticks all of the boxes for lead management.


Apto offers a web-based solution for managing customer relationships, properties, listings, deals, and back-office. It is this approach that has helped them grow so quickly in recent years. One of the things that make Apto unique is that it is built on the platform. A Salesforce embedded license is included in the membership, but the users get a system fully customized and optimized for commercial real estate brokers. As a result, it is possible to manage the full lifecycle of a deal from start to finish in the same interface.